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Onward As One
February 1st, 2024
As we enter into a new year we also enter into a new term for some of our elected officials. In November of 2023, among a variety of offices, we had our local mayoral elections. Campaign seasons can get quite interesting and have a fascinating way of bringing the best, and worst, out of people. All said and done, we must remember that we are the UNITED States of America, that we are on the same te...
Beyond Christmas
January 1st, 2024
As we make our way through the busiest season of the year, a time focused on gift getting and holiday traditions, why is it that weeks from now, joy will fade and we will be back to our normal lives? After all, if lasting joy came from colorful lights or bringing trees into our living room, just keep them up all year? The reality is, lasting joy has a necessary ingredient known as contentment. The...
Israel Forever
November 1st, 2023
“I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war.” Israel’s King, David, penned these words almost 3,000 years ago. Looking at the Middle East and all that is going on in Israel a question that quickly rises to the surface is, “who is right, and who is wrong.” Consider for a moment; What should a nation do when its borders are breached, citizens murdered, and its existence is threatened? What d...
Becoming a Woman
October 1st, 2023
Last month we emphasized the need to intentionally develop the traits and characteristics in young boys that they will need to have when they are grown men. Today, we turn our attention towards the young ladies within our community and the guidance that is needed to help them grow into strong, wise, capable women.Steadfastness - No matter what stage of life a lady may find herself to be in, relati...
From Boys To Men
September 1st, 2023
Does a young boy naturally turn into a man? Can you be a 40-year-old boy? What makes a man, a man, and if something causes the forward change, what is it? While the list is much longer than we have time for, there are four key elements that need to exist in order to create an environment where boys will develop into strong, stable, healthy men. If you are a parent, grandparent, or play any role th...